Welcome to PremierGen Pte Ltd

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About PremierGen

PremierGen is a licenced financial services company that is focused on your individual and business insurance needs.

PremierGen has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure your interests and the interests of our clients are always placed ahead of our own.

Our Goal Is To Be Your Trusted Financial Planning Provider

PremierGen is not owned or financially supported by any financial institution, bank, brokerage firm or insurance company, which means any financial planning recommendation you receive is impartial, and free from the influences of any third party, giving you peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose To Work With PremierGen As Your Financial Planning Partner?

PremierGen was established in 2009 to provide affordable insurance in Singapore. Today, people in Singapore look to PremierGen for trusted advice and solutions when making their most important financial decisions. Our advisers provide health and general insurance to serve the protection, savings and investments needs of individuals and businesses.

It does not matter whether you need business insurance, home insurance, car insurance or foreign worker medical coverage, we are happy to assist.

We look forward to assisting in your financial planning and your long term financial success.